A Roundup of the Latest Best Apps doing the Rounds

The app world is a ever changing landscape, with programmers constantly trying to outperform each other. The outcome of this intensely competitive programming creativity market is that users have access to great new apps on a daily basis. Many established apps continue to spread among the users, while some may fizzle out of popularity. Decoding the secrets of apps popularity is a continuous process and is highly speculative in nature.

Developers constantly try creative programming concepts to design the next hit app. All mobile OS providers, including Android, iOS and Windows constantly strive to present their users with the latest apps. All the three companies intend to be the launching platform of the next big epoch in the app market. Here is a rundown of the various latest options available to users.

iPhone apps

Keezy: This is a colorful pretty app for developing your personal music. The app offers eight keys to users. You also get to access the microphone to incorporate your sound effects. Of course, this might not be the most professional music creation app, yet it is a pretty thing to try your hand at basic music making.

Hispster CEO: This fun app gives you the amazing lightheaded feeling of CEO fun! You can just subscribe to the iOS app and become the CEO of your fictional enterprise. The cool dashboard includes professional indices like bank balance and daily average revenue that make you feel all in action. But again, the hipster elements like Days to live, and Staff happiness punches in a whole new twist to the CEO business. Get in the mood for some company making and set up your flighty CEO identity with this app!

iPad apps

Pitchfork weekly: This music app is the best resource to stay tuned to independent musical trends. The condensed blog would provide a weekly report on the latest developments in the music scenario.

John Lennon and the Bermuda Tapes: This is a must-present app for John Lennon people. Beatles fans can bask in the ecstasy of feeling the vibes of the 1980 Bermuda tour of John Lennon.

Android apps

Airbnb: This app describing the Bread and Breakfast accommodations available in your preferred region can be ideal for people looking for a new place to stay. The app enlists affordable temporary accommodation facilities in your preferred location.

Camera Awesome: Since mobile camera photos are not always up to top standards, this handy app can incredibly improve the experience. It attends to the shortcomings in mobile photography with a fresh zeal yet unnoticed. The interface is very encouraging and has some good features (not just filters) to provide the best experience to the mobile photographers.

Windows phone apps

Vine: This app is making rounds due to its popularity in developing tiny six second videos.

Reddit: Reddit users using Windows phones can immensely benefit from this nifty app connecting you to the latest dynamic interaction space in the internet.

GPS voice navigation: The app name describes it all. This elaborate GPS app is currently available free at a limited period offer.