Apple acquiring Israeli chip Tech Service to activate 3D Vision on Mobile Gadgets

Recent reports indicate that 3D vision on mobile devices is soon going to catch up as a running trend. Fueling the speculations of the availability of this feature was the recent news of Apple’s latest business deal. The leading tech service recently announced that it would acquire PrimneSense, an Israeli chip development enterprise, at around $350 million. The implementation of the advanced chip technology would enable the iPhone manufacturer to integrate 3D vision experience in their devices. PrimeSense is a leading provider of the advanced chip technology.

The unique sensing technology of the chips offers the digital appliances with the facility of observing a scene in 3 dimensions. In fact, this technology played a crucial role in developing Xbox Kinect platform to provide the users with a stunningly realistic visual experience. 3D vision is already a predominant trend in the overall entertainment industry. Movie theaters often release 3D versions of films that the user must watch wearing a special pair of glasses. 3D television is already available in the market and companies are constantly trying different innovations to improve the experience. However, mobile devices have been somewhat lacking in the 3D experience. The new development from Apple may well mark the beginning of the newest trend in mobile experience.

Israeli news website Calacist was the first to report Apple’s interest in acquiring the chip development services. However, Apple maintained a discreet and curt communications approach on receiving the enquiry about the latest acquisition. Kristine Huguet, company spokeswoman confirmed that Apple keeps buying small technology companies from time to time to diversify its outreach, and the corporation usually maintains a discreet approach in discussing the plans/purposes. Although this note did not deny or accept the news of acquisition, yet the tone of the correspondence was more positive than negative. Following the tone, it can be safe to infer that Apple did overtake the small Israeli service.

The final confirmation would be available only after the newest Apple devices begin to exhibit 3D experience as a major feature. With the high saturation of the smartphone market, companies are increasingly looking for innovative approaches that would help them in generating a distinct impression. The three dimensions can be a welcome addition to the world of mobile phones. PrimeSense was not immediately available to confirm the report. Industry insiders note that this acquisition is the second bid of Apple to venture into Israel and buy a company.

Previously, the tech behemoth acquired the Israeli company Anobit in January 2012. This purchase helped Apple to expand and improve its flash storage chip facilities. PrimeSense was a leading company in Israel. The investor list of the service implied contacts with the highest quarters of business. The investor list includes Genesis partners, Gemini Israel Funds, Silver Lake, and Canaan Partners. Apple’s choice of Israeli acquisition has several important aspects, including long-term expansion plans of the company in the prime Middle Eastern market.

Experts relate this with the alignment of general Israeli business values with the highly centralized and hierarchical corporate culture of Apple. However, industry insiders note that the company is almost fanatical in its approach to shroud all business dealings in the highest secrecy. Probably, this was the reason why no representative from PrimeSense was available for a clarification.