Australia and New Zealand Companies incorporating Big Data Big Time

Big Data or the systemic archive of dynamic information archive continues to incorporate global corporations in its wake. The enormous amount of information that feeds in the network every second is staggering. Just to put the data input into a perspective, consider thinking the span of a year in seconds. The general estimate of the total number of seconds in a year is 365x12x30x24x60x60! Now, just how big is one second on the internet! Here are some figures to gauge.

In each second the internet, on an average 2 million people upload files on Dropbox and 7 million people make Google searches. The above figures are only a fraction of info. There are several other major sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Archiving and analyzing this super-mega influx of information consistently progresses through the Big Data network.

Tapping into the network of dynamic information can reveal key trends to decide business strategies. Companies across the world are fast realizing the huge impetus of Big Data incorporation. The corporate trends in Australia and New Zealand also reveal huge interest in being a part of the data network system.

Recently, data storage service Hitachi commissioned a Big Data survey through the Economist Intelligence Unit. The findings were also a part of the Big Data network. The extensive numerical system aims to include all statistical parameters to connect each and every aspect of interaction on the internet primarily. Data from telecommunication systems also constitute a major part of the network.

An overall 62% of the respondents in New Zealand and Australia revealed they had a definite data strategy in place, but the applications system was not uniform. 25 percent of these conveyed that the management already had an effective data strategy in place. 19 percent informed that there are still several roadblocks in the implementation. 18 percent of these companies stated that the management is yet to formulate a data incorporation strategy.

Of the total companies surveyed, an overwhelming 36 % had no plans of data incorporation. # percent responded they had no idea about Big Data.

On the enquiry whether the companies considered Big Data as crucial to improve the productivity of the services, 58 percent responded with an affirmation. 73 percent of the services noted that they are still mulling the idea of Big Data incorporation. 31 percent stated that there had not been much noteworthy progress in data strategy implementation. 34 percent of the companies confirmed they were conducting deep data exploration. 4 percent of the services explained they did not know about the implementation of data strategy. The ‘very advanced’ category included only 4 percent of the services in Oceania.

Most companies (43%) cited the deficiency in in-house skills to connect with the dynamic data archive. About 30 % of the services held the view that the complicated analytic reports did not serve much practical purpose. Five percent of the services expressed their frustration at the inability to retrieve the requisite perspective from Big Data. 19 percent of companies however explained that they are highly engaged in customized data analysis.

Adrain De Luca, the chief tech officer Asia Pacific Hitachi Data Systems revealed these figures at a Sydney press conference. He concluded the presentation stating that the structuring of a data eco-system would require ‘a long time’.