Facebook leads in Thanksgiving Online Sales Figures largely through Mobile Devices

With the shopping bonanza of thanksgiving coming to a close, it is time to evaluate the analytics that emerged in the process. IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, tracking terabytes of data transaction every second at over 800 retail stores revealed that the online sales figure are up by at least 10 percent from last year. Apparently, between the thanksgiving dinners and socializing, people have been busy to resort to their mobile devices for shopping. The survey reveals that the smartphones were responsible for almost double traffic from the tablets, presumably because people were out socializing and the smartphones came in handy.

IBM released a statement explaining the results of the finding. It informed that 23.5% of the total online business traffic emerged from the smartphones. This was almost double to the 13 % of the traffic from the tablets. However, the tablets scored on another perspective. The statement noted the tablets to drive 14.6 % of sales figures, while the smartphones only had 8.6 % to their credits. The tablets also displayed higher mean order value compared to the phones.

The mean smartphone order value fixed at $113.50, while the average value of a sale through the tablets was $127. In an overall estimate, the total mobile shopping traffic trend was 31 percent more than last year. The total traffic from mobiles accounted for around 37.5 percent of the entire spectrum of online transactions on Thanksgiving. Companies strongly benefitted from online sales through mobile devices as a total of 23.5% of all sales were from these appliances.

The iOS continued to maintain its edge over Android devices in facilitating transactions. The sales figures through the iOS were around four times more than the figures from Android. iPhone users spent $122.55 on an average while the average android benchmark was at $113.50. The combined traffic of the iPad and iPhone users was also more than the Android devices. The Apple devices accounted for 26 % of the online traffic while the Google devices scored a share of 11 percent in the traffic.

Another highly interesting trend that originated referred to the prominence of Facebook in driving the online sales system. Apparently, people just flocked to their favorite social network to buy stuff and discuss about their spoils on Thanksgiving. The sales through referrals aspect pointed that Facebook was an overwhelming winner in encouraging people to go ahead and buy their favorite staff. The conversion rate of Facebook referrals was more than 84% of the Pinterest referrals. This is a deviation from the usual because Pinterest generally holds the record of driving the highest order values. This Thanksgiving was an exception as Facebook had a better average shopping price figure ($106.86) than Pinterest at $102.79.

The statistics from IBM provides an interesting perspective on the spending habit of consumers in the event of a mega-sale. These figures invariably point to the fact that companies need to develop a highly comprehensive online marketing strategy to progress. A key insight that evolved through the analysis of the data refers to the high potential of investing in Facebook PPC ad campaigns.