Forza 5 Studios minimize Microtransaction Costs for Cars following Gaming Demands

The Forza Motorsport 5 Racing SIM of developer Turn 10 is a huge adrenaline pumper, with some confusions regarding the microtransactions aspect. This Xbox One game has a token system that gamers could buy with real currency. Then, the gamers could utilize these tokens to purchase cars in the game. Some cars can even cost a $10 token. Well, $10 is a significant amount in the gamer world! The fans were less than happy with this system that inhibited the free flow of speed rush significantly. A quick visit to any online Xbox One gaming forum reveals that the community was abuzz at the high price of buying the cars. The buzz has been so conspicuous that Turn 10 had to introduce several critical changes in the gaming economy of Forza Motorsport 5.

Brian Ekberg, a community manager of Turn 10 addressed the issue in an official note. The manager explained that the service keeps a constant eye on analysis of the in-game data to find about the glitches in the game. The company also clarified that its primary objective was to provide the best gaming simulation to the community. He stated that the feedbacks on the on-game portal and the direct responses from gamers overwhelmingly point out to a major issue in  microtransactions. Keeping this in purview, the company is currently in the process of making major virtual economic alterations to meet the demand of the gamers, he confirmed.

In fact, the company has a whole list of changes to make. From Friday, Turn10 would be enacting a straightaway discount of 50 percent on the purchase of any car. This implies that all cars would cost only half of the total token currency and credits previously required. The credits are the virtual currencies that the gamers earn by progressing through the game levels. For buying tokens, level progress is not mandatory. However, this current discount would be available only for the two days of the weekend.

The company is also escalating the available credit payout to all Forza gamers from December through the Forza Rewards system. The ‘rewards’ is a continuing loyalty protocol that grants players access to the cars and credits. The manager stated that players would be able to redeem their credits in December. However, there is also an expected catch to encourage gaming. The redemption of rewards would be better for a top tier gamer than an early-tier player. So, the company encourages the gamers to progress as many levels before the end of December to redeem the maximum credit facility.

The VIP members have some extra benefits. Members would get the 2013 Lotus E-21 Grand Prix vehicle free. If the VIP member already has this car, he/she could get the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. The 2013 LaFerrari is freely available to players purchasing the Car pass or the LeFerrari car pack. This car is not available with the premium downloadable packs. Also, the company rectified a major issue for limited edition subscribers. Gamers were complaining that the 1,250 tokens available with the limited edition were not sufficient to buy the top cars. From now on the players would be able to purchase any car with the 1,250 tokens. This program would run up to December 16.