Gaming Industry trying Hard to overcome Saturated Stagnation

As both Sony and Microsoft are revealing their next generation consoles to coincide with the holidays. However, an undercurrent of strong uncertainty is hovering over the gaming industry. The question many are asking is what happens when the holiday season ends. The gaming consoles have been at the core of international gaming attention for around a decade now. However, a significant section of the current gaming scenario attends to a world of smartphone and tablet apps.

Also, Facebook is a major spot for gamers to indulge. Besides, industry undercurrents also point out to a certain audiovisual stagnation in the gaming experience. The gamers are already playing very high-end realistic games. New improvements are often imperceptible because of the saturation. Many gamers are harboring the feeling that they have seen all of virtual simulation, and not without proper reasons. Besides, there are hundreds of gaming apps out there, magnifying the option pool for the gamers. This diversity of options is unavailable with the consoles. In fact, the popularity of the mobile gaming apps also point to this saturation aspect. The migration to the naivety of mobile gaming experience over the sophisticated video games poses a major cloud on the console gaming niche.

Many are confident about a big start from both the consoles because these are releasing after a hiatus of around 7 years. There has been a lot of pent up gaming demand from heavy gamers who are now aware of every little detail in the existing console games. It rests to see whether the manufacturers can interpret the core vibes of the gaming community. Both companies are aware that they need to offer an extraordinary gaming experience to engage the attention of saturated gamers.  The long-term verdict is yet to be out, but both companies notice that there is a definite lack of craze among gamers regarding the new console experiences. Immediate statistics are promising though as the Playstation 4  sales exceeded the 1 million milestone in only 24 hours.

David Gartner, a London venture capitalist with past Electronics Arts ties speculated on the initial marketing strategies from the companies. However, he was uncertain whether the scene would remain rosy in three to four years. However, the companies still have time to awestruck gamers as the major supplies scheduling is about to commence from next year holidays. Currently, both companies are releasing their products in limited market segments. The corporations expect the coming year to serve as instrumental in developing the hype around the new games. When the hype is ripe, the company plans to release major console supplies to meet with the demands.

The new systems also sport different entertainment features to attract users. So, the new consoles offer video streaming services via a Netflix app. However, there is very heavy competition even in this segment as users can stream videos at much less expensive devices from Roku, Apple and others. Both companies are offering improved processing power in their new systems, promising stunning realism and high graphical fidelity. However, it remains to see whether gamers are already feeling saturated with the realism. Xbox has an even tougher turf than its prime competitor because of its relatively high pricing. However, the company justified their pricing to provide the additional features in their systems.