How Businesses Can Benefit From Facebook APIs

API stands for the Application Programming Interface that social websites like Facebook and Twitter use. The technology not only allows the interaction of two connected online services but it also manages them. This includes Facebook’s ability to share what you may be writing on another website. The following are several points you should know about APIs and their impact on businesses:

• What is Facebook API? – As mentioned above, Facebook allows you to “build social applications” on Facebook and the Web. To make it easy for you to build these applications, Facebook has a large collection of core and advanced APIs.

• Core API – This is the Graph API that lets you read and write data to and from the social networking site. It also has Old Rest API. The newer Facebook API changes the paradigm to a newer way to data reading and writing that makes use of posts, profiles, friends and other objects and their connections, or relationships, with each other. This is a simpler approach compared to the Old Rest API that is method-oriented. It is also a more consistent approach when you are working with objects. Although Graph API is the preferred API, the older method is active.

• How Does Facebook Track Its Information? – Using the Graph API, you can easily track Facebook places, public postings on various topics, and view videos and photos that others post on your page. In addition, it also makes use of Insights API to access data on Insights dashboard.

• How Is The Information Aggregated? – Insight users have the permission to view aggregated data at toplevel domains or secondlevel domains. For example, if you have a toplevel domain like, you can view aggregated data.

It contains an inbuilt tool that aggregates data from other Scribe stores. The log files are tailed and the data is pulled out. The data is then further divided into three parts and they are sent to the concerned clusters at various data centers. The data is then formatted.

• How Is The Information Presented to Third Parties? – Applications using Facebook Platform are able to access data from Insights API with the help of Graph API and FQL. Third party analytics need permission from Facebook platform developers and page owners to access the Insights data on the Facebook user’s account. Use approved read insights permission to access data.

• How Much Does Facebook Charge for Presenting Information to Third Parties?–Mobile apps within Facebook cannot accept any payment. They should not encourage any form of payment by any method.

• How Valuable Is This Kind of Information to Marketing Tactics?–To take advantage of the real power of Facebook API, it is important for businesses to own multiple nodes. Using the Graph search, the space may not only be increased for one business but, in fact, it can be limited for competitors. Thus, it is important to have as many possible nodes as your business can have. Promotion of nodes is important as well. This can be a great marketing tactic because of the sheer reach and pull of this kind of information.

Today, thanks to APIs, it is actually possible to make full use of Facebook’s features and services. Now, traditional marketing is all set to change in the near future.


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