Indie Games making Strong Inroads into Gaming Subconscious

Video games are so engrossing because they heavily involve the subconscious. The gamer just does not operate the controls. He/she feels the real world simulation in edgy virtual situations. The newest trend in the gaming market is the steady crossroad made by the indie games into the network. These games, developed by independent programmers often show a spark of unique experience that is unavailable from the conventional gaming systems. Besides, they are also available at highly affordable rates. Availing a blockbuster console game can be as expensive as $90 (70 euros). On the other hand, great indie games are available at a fraction of these costs. Recognizing the growing importance of the indie games, both Sony and Microsoft allows gamers to play these on their new consoles.

Sony Playstation 4 hit the shelves on last Monday. The initial success has been according to the speculations as more than 1 million units exchanged hands in the first 24 hours itself. Microsoft released the Xbox One of Friday, within one week of the launch from Sony. The Xbox One would launch includes more than a dozen global destinations including US, France, Britain, Brazil, and Australia. This war of the consoles is also proving to be blessings for the indie movement, which includes thousands of talented developers. From freelance programmers working on a shoestring budget, to programming teams with elaborate infrastructure, the indie hold continues to grow in gaming.

The major companies are stepping up their efforts to assimilate the indie scenario into their protocols. Sony expressed interest in incorporating indie developers into the official development scenario. Katie Hallahan of the Phoenix Online Studios pointed out that the company is making it easy for users to self-publish on the Playstation 4 platform. This increases the scope of coverage in console gaming as users would get to indulge in games that are different from the conventional shooting arcades.  She also added that Xbox is catching up fast.

Several indie games have been incredibly popular. These games often accumulate sales in millions. ‘Braid’, ‘Cave Story’, and ‘Minecraft’ have been extremely popular in redefining the gaming concept. Many indie developers work independently. Some of them also enter into suitable contracts with game development services. These games already have a strong market in the smartphone, tablet, and PC gaming niches. With their inclusion in the console networks, the gaming scenario is evolving rapidly.

The console services are in the process of providing software solutions to small studios in the development of unique innovative games that provide an altogether different experience from the hardcore shooting and adventure simulations. Essentially, the success of the indie developers point out to a strong trend of stagnation in realistic experiences. Many gamers feel that they have been through the ultimate realistic experiences, and do not have much anticipation on improved realism. Instead, the evolved gamer psyche now looks for simulations that offer a different kind of engrossing experience. Most indie developers have many years of experience in the industry, both as gamers and developers. So, they have the requisite programming creativity to offer engrossing simulations.