Juniper takes a Dig at surveying the Mobile Adult Content Industry

Everything has a market indeed, however or whatever it is. Recently, Juniper Research revealed a worldwide report on the global mobile adult content industry. The report introduces one to the rampant fact that the access to porn on mobile and tablet devices is highly widespread among users who sought this type of content. The sex trade often lays its claim to be the oldest industry in the world. In the era of technology, the sex trade has been evolving rapidly too. Just how rampant is pornography on the digital media? Statistics reveal staggering figures.

As of now, almost 12% of all websites host adult content. The total number of these websites stands at around 24.6 million. Every second, around 30,000 users all over the world are viewing porn on the internet. 25% of the total search requests registered on the internet is pornographic in nature. The total number stands at around 69 million everyday. About 20% of American men watch porn at work. Utah ranks highest in subscription rate to adult sites. For every thousand home broadband connection, 5.47 percent of users subscribe to these sites. These figures clearly indicate the social dynamics of the sexually exploitative industry.

In fact, many people also claim that the necessity to view pornography was a major aspect of the digital conflict of VCR format between VHS and Betamax in the 80s. The rumors also state that this conflict also was apparent between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

According to the report from Juniper, the global market for subscribed adult content would cover 243 million people world over at around 2017. The report also noted that USA is the core hub of the global porn business, along with Western Europe. However, porn industry insiders note that the availability of freely downloadable adult content is shaping the dynamics of the digital porn sector big time. The mobile adult companies are therefore shifting strategies to follow the games and apps development models. They are keen to promote their content through subscription models and in-app purchases. The industry is also considering ideas like time based payments and pre-billing of the duration.

The hike of user interest in accessing internet porn through mobile devices relates to an ironic aspect called privacy. It is really quite paradoxical to contemplate that people want to protect the privilege of personal privacy while systematically accessing and subscribing to extremely private content. However, industry insiders also point out that the confidence of privacy in watching mobile/internet porn is completely illusory because the Big Data systems are systematically archiving every single action of users on the digital matrix. Otherwise, the above stats would not have been available!

Apparently, the concept of privacy in watching porn on smartphones/tablets is only an illusion of the moment. People are just happy to ogle the adult content on their phones when no one is watching. Besides, it is highly convenient for porn addicts to carry their indulgences around on their mobile devices. But, is it really no one is watching? Many people are watching, and many others are keeping track on the first group.