New David Feinleib Book demystifying Big Data for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

Big data continues to remain a mysterious point of contention for general citizens and organizations worldwide. The dynamic, ever-expanding data structure framework, is already in use by major corporations to develop highly customized marketing strategies and improved products to align with niche customer sensibilities. In fact, apart from government agencies like the NSA, many corporations like facebook and Google contribute majorly in the collection and archiving of data. However, the various data harvesting systems do not work in collaboration necessarily.

Facebook came out in strong denial of its participation in the leaked PRISM system of the NSA, revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Google was more vociferous and direct in decrying the unauthorized seepage of data from its framework into the NSA surveillance system. Two leading Google engineers, Brandon Downey and Mike Hearn took to their Google+ profile to issue the F-word in expressing their feelings on unauthorized data mining. However, the engineers also clarified that the point of views are exclusively personal.

In this complicated scenario, the usage of Big Data poses some dense challenges to individuals and organizations. Leading data analytics expert, David Feinleib recently published a book titled, ‘Big Data Demystified: How Big Data Is Changing The Way We Live, Love, and Learn’. In this book, entrepreneurship mentor, David argues that the adequate utility of data can help startup organizations to find the missing link that can connect them to achieve international success. The book demystifies the paradigms of data harvesting and analytics in accessible and simple terms.

From the layman to the top organization, anyone can effectively use the interpretations of the book to utilize the data structure for establishing a functional progressive profit system. In fact, David points out that using Big Data is more common than one thinks. He notes that even the very act of putting up a social media search, or a keyword search in the search engine, or setting up a social media PPC campaign, all are various examples of regular use of Big Data. The book would guide interested entrepreneurs on understanding the latest trends in data management.

David Feinleib is an expert in evaluating the Big Data management scenario. He is also the producer to the Big Data TV and the Big Data Landscape. The book also incorporates the current edition of the Big Data Landscape. The author and the producer does not propose the ideas without successful practical implementations. In fact, he has been crucial in helping six startup organizations to grow phenomenally by the effective utilization of the data archive. The experiences from these case studies are also available in the book. The book, available at Amazon, is already gaining rave reviews from commentators everywhere.

Sanjay Mehta, the product marketing vice president at Splunk. Inc. notes that the book opens up the perception of the reader to the concept that Big Data can be beneficial for humanity as a whole by understanding the connections between technology, government surveillance, and corporate data harvesting. The QlikTech CEO, Lars Bjork stated that the book helps organizations to develop a richer functional model that can adapt to major social changes fast by identifying prominent statistical trends developing from Big Data analytics.