Nintendo incorporates Miiverse Upgrades in Preparation of Upcoming 3DS Support

The gaming world is heading to 3DS this December, and manufactures are gearing up to meet the new developments. Nintendo is on the process of introducing some significant alterations in its Miiverse social network to ensure 3DS support. The 3DS development could be crucial in supporting the portability of the games and thereby bringing in many new users to the gaming network. The Miiverse notice announcement page noted that the company did some minor changes in the interface to present an improved user experience.

Nintendo has plans of progress through the incorporation of 3DS into Miiverse. The company is looking forward to incorporate entire gaming communities into the system. With this objective, the gaming service made the changes on helping gamers to connect with the various gaming groups. Players would be able to see up the entire list of communities through the new upgrades in the system. The latest groups would feature at the list top, thereby making it easy for gamers to connect with the latest trends in the Miiverse universe.

The company also introduced some changes in community management rules. From now on, gamers in a group would only see the posts by active users of that particular game. Previously, the latest post from any user held the topmost priority in the broadcast system. With the centralization of the updates in making them group-specific, gamers can now engage in their communities without external distraction. The company believes that the new changes would lead to a highly engrossing gaming experience, fueled by a strong community feeling.

The interaction and collaborative strategizing could reach the next level through the effective application of the new upgrades. Selecting the right community is often the most critical aspect of the overall gaming experience. Communities intend collaboration on strategizing and supporting other players in the multiplayer format. A single incompetent member of a group can bring down the entire team! Every multiplayer gamer knows that gelling with group members is crucial for the collective victory.

Also, with competitors Microsoft and Sony incorporating the newest consoles in the market, Nintendo has to make sure that it retains its gamer base. Microsoft released the Xbox One only last week. Sony also released the Playstation 4. Among these two mega releases in the gaming world, Nintendo’s new console was only popular among a core gamer group. Apparently, Nintendo is keen on making every effort to make their games highly encouraging to the gamer base. The company definitely hopes that the popularity of increased interaction features would encourage other hardcore gamers to check their experience.

The company introduced Miiverse to the Wii U console from its release in November 2012. Essentially, Miiverse is a network of online gaming communities connected to Nintendo. This interaction platform has been highly successful in helping players to share their ideas with others in the group. Gamers can also incorporate the Miiverse posts directly into the different game levels of some premium titles such as the Super Mario 3D.

This facility helps teams to collaborate effectively and deepens the virtual participation because the players can now talk to other teammates even within the game environment. The 3DS version would be compatible with the Wii U. If the players do not have a Nintendo network ID, they need to log in to Miiverse to get one.