StorageCraft offers Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions to SMBs

With the evolution of cloud computing, data security is evolving as a major issue. Since the cloud is highly scalable, there may be the risk of a server crash, resulting in the loss of valuable data. The most noted incident of the crash occurred around two years ago and goes by the name of ‘the Amazon server crash’ in the community. On April 2011, the Washington server centre of Amazon crashed big time, disabling thousands of hosted websites at once. In cloud computing, webmasters ‘rent’ a virtual storage space within the digital ‘cloud’ environment provided by hosts like Amazon. Essentially, the hosts maintain huge farms or server centers where they maintain the data in a highly expensive computer network.

However, the Amazon crash proved that even the latest technology is vulnerable to failure. Given the massive growth of digital data volume every day, it is only usual to think that the systems are vulnerable at the slightest malfunction. Since the network is an interconnected system, the snapping of an intricate node can quickly escalate into the crash of the entire server farm. StorageCraft intends to offer a solution from this insecurity to the small and medium industry websites.

The company partnered with Dicker Data in a strategic collaboration to offer this service for clients from Australia and New Zealand. The cloud services from Storagecraft would be accessible only through a highly secured protocol. Operating in a monthly subscription system, the security protocol would be accessible only through the affiliate sites of the program. Also, the monthly system intends to provide customers with the easy flexibility to withdraw from the services any time after completing that particular month.

Greg Wymann, vice president Storagecraft APAC elaborated that over the last five years the company has had cloud protection transactions with over 2500 resellers. Typically, the company attends to around 800 to 1000 resellers each month, purchasing the ShadowProtect system for the consumers. Explaining the logic to tie up with Dicker Data, Wyman explained that the company wants to gain a deep access into the SMB market pool. The official described the SMB niche as the ‘sweet spot’ for the company. The company’s long-term client base from the small and medium scale industry base has been crucial in setting up the development process. In fact, the data security protocol offered by the service underwent several customizations to meet the requirements of the SMB niche.

Dicker Data was also optimistic about the collaboration. Chief Executive David Dicker stated that the Storagecraft range presents a strong complementary offering potential to the customers. The CEO was hopeful that the new range of data security protocol would blend effortlessly with the existing line-up system of vendors. The new collaboration would allow the resellers with a good opportunity to provide a leading global backup recovery solution with their current range. Storagecraft is an international service, mainly functioning in the Oceania region. The main offices are at Australia and New Zealand. The company also has offices in Europe, Northern Asia, and North America.