Top level Irish Security Challenge evaluating Cyber Threat Scenario

Cyber security top brains from Ireland are setting up an unique cyber security challenge to test the stability of the entire digital network. The controlled environment contest would involve the placement of an active phone inside a room for all day. The challenge would be to shut down the system without touching it in the course of a day.

The phone would have the latest security protocol that would involve multilayered server protection. The challenge would see developers cracking the server codes and defending the captured ones from other challengers. The purpose of the competition would be to find how many servers the hackers could retain at the end of the challenge.

The challenge is taking place at a strategic juncture as the Clyde Court Hotel Dublin is also hosting a cybercrime conference by the IRISS (Irish Reporting and Information Security Service). The conference would receive the attendance of cyber security experts from all over the world. Representatives from leading platforms like Google and Amazon would attend the meeting. There would be several panel sessions for a close discussion on the various aspects of security threats in the cyber world.

Especially after the leakage of the covert surveillance network by NSA, cyber security parameters are at the focus of global attention. The virtual realms are busy working out elaborate security apparatuses to prevent even the highest order of cyber crime. Ireland also had a very recent stint with serious cyber crime. There has been a series of damaging data disclosures, the LoyaltyBuild leakage being the most recent one.

Integrity Solutions Managing Director Eoin Goulding confirmed that the security paranoia is topmost on the minds of all Irish businesses. The challenge and the IRISS conference are going to be crucial game changers in the overall cyber security scenario, industry insiders speculate. In fact, this growing sentiment of developing a comprehensive and super-secured online system reflects from the attendance of global online leaders at the conference.

Integrity Solutions MD Goulding cited the experience of his company in providing security protocols to companies across UK and the Ireland. The professional admitted ‘increasingly sophisticated’ attacks on computing systems. He expressed confidence that the conference would include an open and diverse discussion on the complete analysis of the cyber security threats. He used the phrase ‘up against in battle’ to explain the gravitas of the situation. The event would have several high profile speakers. Commentators include Gadi Evron, the Kaspersky Labs vice president cyber security strategy, and Stephen Doherty, working as threat analyst at Symantec. Other key attendees include the RSA Net Witness principle malware scientist, Christopher Elisan.

The cyber security issue comprises of several complicated layers. The various parameters affecting the issue include official cybercrime laws in different countries & the conflict between them, the revelation of an elaborate covert surveillance system by the NSA, and the evolution of malware programs. Such elaborate conferences are highly critical in developing immune systems that would ensure customer confidence in engaging at online transactions. The threat to cyber security is very real and in absence of proper remediation measures, pose a grave destabilization risk.