Vertical Search Works expand International Operations with London Office

Semantic search is the latest trend in the SEO industry. Essentially, this new search protocol explores the linguistics and contextual meanings of the keywords in deciding on optimization. The new protocol is gaining fast ground for a few months now, especially after Google announced the Hummingbird update. The new keyword algorithm update released by Google on its birthday this year intends to incorporate ‘human friendliness’ in the searching systems.

Vertical Search Works is a leading US enterprise assisting in developing effective SEO strategies. The company recently inaugurated a new office at London to look after its progress in the European market. The New York service provides its clients with technological analytic solutions providing content recommendation (according to market trends) and tracking audience traffic. The company also hosts a video hub for search engine marketers and content developers to act as an effective platform for interaction.

Google described this update as its biggest in past three years, which is a major claim given the fact that the Panda and the Penguin updates also arrived during this duration. The Penguin and the Panda themselves brought about some major changes in SEO field. As the search engine giant states that the new update is even bigger than these notable ones, SEO experts around the world are busy interpreting the new developments.

Incorporating human-friendliness is essentially all about recognizing the psychology of the searcher and providing compatible results. It is obvious that the fundamental difference between humans and machines is the distinction between intelligence and artificial intelligence. Google actually intends to align the artificial intelligence to meet the inherent psychology of human intelligence. Marketers across the world are also recognizing that the secret of meeting the Google standards is to develop content that would enrich the searcher with accurate information.

With the rapidest evolution of the internet, search queries are beginning to become more complicated than ever before. It is imperative to develop algorithms that can comply best with the evolution of keyword search. Since keywords are nothing but a string of words, a focus on the essential semantics is essential to develop a perfect search protocol. Hence, semantic SEO comes to the forefront of discussions. A lot many discussions are going on all over the world to understand what Google really means by the poetic naming of its newest algorithm as the ‘Hummingbird’. Independent observers note that Google perhaps chose this name to imply its core compliance with ethics and indicating that the users can get the ‘honey’ of best information from the different flowers of the Google tree.

Although this is the first European office for Vertical Search Works, the company claims that it is not new to Europe. The company confirmed that it has been already working in collaboration with several British services. They cite the examples of  software solution provider Asta Development and Relendex, which is an online lending marketplace functioning as a peer-to-peer platform. Vertical Search Works is a three-year old company that founded in 2010 following the merging of Convera Corp and Firstlight ERA. The former company was a search technology developer and the latter an advertisement technology service. Following the merger, the new company now provides extensive technical solutions for promoting online advertisements.